Friday, November 4, 2011

Eliot Ness Amber Lager

Today I'm drinking Eliot Ness Amber Lager brewed by Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Apparently Eliot was at one point in his career the Cleveland Safety Director and frequented the original bar that became Great Lakes Brewpub. Cool. Of course you know him as a member of  The Untouchables, enforcing prohibition and fighting Al Capone.

The label shows a photo reenactment of what might have been Eliot Ness at the bar drinking a mug of beer. The photo was taken by H. Wayne Rayburn. Enjoy by 12/07/11. Best served at 45 degrees F.

Bread dough and sweet grain aroma. Light caramel and doughy flavors are most noticeable at the start. From that barely sweet start, a nice hoppy bitterness takes over, to the point of even feeling a little sour. Lemon rind and garden flavors mix together with a very grassy flavor profile.

The carbonation is aggressive in biting at the palate. It's a combination of kinda refreshing, kinda annoying. The bitterness is in my opinion slightly overdone. Good body. You finish with more of that earthy garden strangeness, a little dryer too, perhaps due to the 6.2% alcohol. Good and weird flavors at the same time. Wasn't bad but I'm certainly not in love. I liked their Dortmunder Gold wayyyyyyyyyy better!


dale said...

Whats up with all of the Great Lakes reviews? Did you make a trade, or get a care package? I really like Eliot Ness. If I had regular access, I'd drink it all the time. According to legend, there is a bullet hole behind the bar at the Great Lakes Tap Room that was made by a bullet that was meant for Eliot Ness.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

That's a pretty cool story about the bullet hole. Yeah, a friend of mine sent me a handful of Great Lakes beers. I have one left. I liked this one but thought Dortmunder Gold was much better.

Beer Bros Blog said...

Thanks very much for the tips over at our blogs... within seconds I could see how much more professional your setup over here is, if by nothing else the crisp high quality photos.

Daily is something I, or my cohorts, could never accomplish with this; as I see you have kept up with it, much kudos deserved your way.

Love what I see from your blog, and again really appreciate the tips and kind words.

... Oh and I will be looking for the Creme Brulee stout now having seen it here!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

This is the Magazine layout. I just changed to it two days ago. I see you're using Classic. This template has some features missing like Blog Search and a way for me to add gadgets like Feedburner signup, so I may just revert back until Google fills in the details.

Pictures are important, I think. Good luck on your blog.