Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chimay Tripel Ale

Today I'm drinking Chimay Tripel Ale, one of the most famous Belgian beers around. It is brewed at Scourmont Abbey and Bottled by Bieres de Chimay in Baileux, Belgium. The story on the back lets you know this is a Trappist ale and gives you a little insight as to what that means. You can read the story below. The 330 mL bottle is stubby with the name of the Abbey stamped into the glass. The label is yellow and brown which distinguishes it from its Red and Blue brothers. I think they call this one White. Pretty cool they used the American Flag colors.

"So you've done 1100 or more beer reviews and never had Chimay?" That's correct. Just never got around to it. Could you try to act a little less superior and condescending? Cool. 

Fluffy head. Yeasty aroma with plenty of fruity peach and orange and spice as well. Creamy start. Much more bitter and hoppy than I anticipated. Some fruity pear, apple and orange flavors come next, though they are not so powerful. Yeast is apparent; spicy black pepper too.

The carbonation is big and along with the 8% alcohol, you will get quick the little tag-team kick in the palate. Lemony, citric finish and dry aftertaste. A good beer. I'd have liked a little sweeter balance. Enjoyable though I will stick my neck out and say I felt a bit let down by my expectations.


JayZeis said...

While I like white and red, and would never turn one down, I think the Blue is so much better. I got my brother some of the cheese last year for christmas, he enjoyed it while drinking a Blue.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Jay

You're the second person in the last hour to tell me that. I'm going to have to grab some Blue soon.

Dan Wimberly said...

I have been lucky enough to have the yellow on tap and I have to say it was simply a different beer. On tap it tasted like it was infused with roses. It was a very uniqui experience that i'll never forget. I was so stoked (yes in from southern california) on this beer that i went out the next weekend and bought myself a nice fat expensive bottle at my local grocery store. My lord was I let down when I cracked that bottle, it just tasted dead. The aroma of the hops must have aged away and turned to bitter hoppy flavors. The blue is great and the red is a delicious drinkable brown delight. Something as delicate as the yellow has to be drank fresh and preferably from the tap.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hmmm. That is a depressing story. Until you one day have it on tap again! Thanks for stopping by!