Saturday, December 24, 2011

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale

Today I'm drinking Duvel Belgian Golden Ale brewed by Duvel Moortgat in Puurs, Belgium. I didn't even remember, but apparently I reviewed this one back in May, 2009. It's not like it isn't available. It's even on the beer shelves at the grocery store. I just never seem to get over to the foreign beer aisle. Except of course when in the midst of Belgian Beer Week!

The 330 mL bottle is stubby and has a very simple label. You will find out that they've been around since 1871 and apparently have a copywriter with a big vocabulary and sense of humor. The front label begs you to "Pour Unhurriedly" while the back label suggests you drink this "Beguiling Ale... with discerning friends or good-looking strangers." Best Before 03/2014.

Fluffy head. Yeasty aroma with plenty of fruity apples and peaches. Spicy smell, too. Fruity tart apple flavors are most prominent in the beginning. The yeastiness is very apparent, even a little funky on top of that tartness. Some spicy black pepper and coriander and lemon peel nibble at the palate as well.

The 8.5% alcohol is warming and cleansing, a complement to the fruitiness. Carbonation is big, yet smooth and quite creamy. A dry finish and tangy zing for an aftertaste round out each and every sip. Really nice beer. Quite enjoyable. I will have to check this out more often.

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