Monday, January 2, 2012

Chimay Grande Réserve

Today I'm drinking Chimay Grande Réserve, a Trappist Ale brewed at Scourmont Abbey and Bottled by Bières de Chimay in Baileux, Belgium. This is the Chimay known popularly as "Blue". I grabbed the wine bottle for around $10, which was a way better deal than the 11.2 ouncer for $6. Yes, I did tell you I'm working on a #BomberBoycott campaign, but I included a provision for World Class and heck, New Year's Day is a special occasion. Oh, and I didn't drink last night because I refused to give the Seminoles a nickel for their shitty Bud and skunky Heinekens at the casino. I did give them a few hundred dollars otherwise, though. LOL.

Back to the beer. There is a story about what "Trappist" means on the back and how this brewery makes this kick-ass beer with yeast that Father Theodore isolated and pure abbey water. They didn't mention a hefty helping of God in their brewing process, but I assume they assume you know that! According to the cork, this is 06/11 Vintage.

Yeast and plums and raisins and a sweet caramel aroma. Quite pleasant. Wow! Creamy wonderful carbonation brings an explosion of flavors! Raisins, prunes and dark cherries are an early highlight reel, just delicious. Lots of Belgian yeast along with candi sugar, brown sugar and caramel sweetness come next.

The 9% alcohol provides a decent amount of warmth and works wonderfully with the fruity flavors. Again, awesome, effervescent carbonation. Complex, deep body. Wonderful flavors. A nice basket of spicy nuances leads you to and lingers in an extremely pleasant aftertaste.

Decent bitterness along with the alcohol and high carbonation challenge the sweeter aspects of the beer. You wind up with a perfectly balanced beer. This is an awesome beer. I haven't finished it yet, but that's just because my hands are busy and my drinking muse slaves have the day off--no one to lift the glass to my lips. I highly recommend this beer. Oh, and it's widely available too, even at grocery stores (not sure about in dipshit PA, my home state, though).

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