Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scuttlebutt Weizenbock

Today I'm drinking Scuttlebutt Weizenbock brewed by Scuttlebutt Brewing Company in Everett, Washington. The label depicts a yak (not sure the animal) which has apparently joined the crew team and is rowing his boat with keg in the boat and a second one being towed. Not sure why the varsity letterman's sweater, but OK, it's also the first yak I've ever seen rowing. LOL. I picked this up because it was $1.99 for a 22 ouncer. Not typically a good decision, but whatever. I don't always make good decisions.

Rich caramel-coated banana and bubble gum aroma. Oh no! Sweet, sweet, overly sweet, malty start. Caramel and honey flavors are most prevalent. A medicinal bitterness comes next, quite unpleasant. I really am having a hard time describing the off flavors, but they are dominating this beer. Chewing carpeting, licking a cardboard box. The sweetness just keeps building as well, totally out of control. I didn't even drink half of the big bottle. Really annoying and blech.

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Tom Bedell said...

It's a goat, a traditional symbol for a bock, although why escapes me. Haven't tried this one, though banana esters wouldn't be out of line for a German-style wheat beer.