Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whole Foods Pembroke Pines Grand Opening

I'm going to write about the Whole Foods Pembroke Pines Grand Opening somewhere else in a little bit, and I'll link it here when I do. But I thought it would be worthwhile to show you a few beer photos from inside. BTW, I made the first beer purchase for this store. 9:05 am, 5 minutes after opening. A six pack of Lagunitas Imperial Red was the only thing I purchased. Mom would be so proud!

Honestly, though, I probably would have purchased more if the parking lot wasn't completely mobbed by thousands of crazed people, marching bands, cheerleaders, cameramen, the Mayor's entourage, etc, etc. Walking the quarter mile back to my car with one sixer was already too much.

Let's see. As you saw, I didn't stay too long, but some quick local points of interest. Torpedo 12-packs are on sale until April 20ish for $10.99. Forget Publix if you love that one like I do. They also have Lagunitas Imperial Red (as you read above) and Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye, both of which have been long gone from the Total Wine up the road. I guess that stock probably won't last though so get on it.

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