Monday, April 16, 2012

George Killian's Irish Red

Today I'm drinking George Killian's Irish Red brewed by UniBev in Golden, Colorado. I'm pretty sure this is a Coors product. Yeah, I know. After 1300 posts, I still have never put one down for Killian's. I can't actually remember the last time I drank this beer, but I will say it was the cream of the crop, the bee's knees, the cat's meow during my college days. Piels, Golden Anniversary, Shlitz, MGD, Killians? Yeah! Anyway, I bumped into this bottle a few days ago and decided to go for it. Best By Jun0412.

Caramel and bread aroma with some grainy sweetness. Caramel and grain flavors take over in the beginning with a nice buttered toasty flavor carrying throughout. Lightly sweet but not too sweet. Toward the end you will taste some toffee as well. Medium-light body is not watery. Definitely simple and straightforward, but the flavors are pretty nice, especially that buttery toasty pleasantness.

Not a bad beer at all. This is the beer Coors should dump a little money into for advertising, not that silver-bullet-blue-mountain-rockies crap they also sell. I'm available as a consultant if you are reading this, Mr. Coors!

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Anonymous said...

golden anniversary beer!!! nice!!
didn't get you drunk, but couldn't turn down the price...