Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Affligem Blond and the Affligem Pouring Ritual

Today I'm drinking Affligem Blond, a Belgian Abbey beer brewed by Affligem Brouwerij (click the link just to hear the monks singing, awesome) in Opwijk, Belgium. I was recently sent an Affligem Pouring Tray, Affligem glasses and a bottle of Affligem Blonde to review. I was asked to check out the pouring tray and to promote a really cool contest sponsored by Affligem and Draft Magazine. The grand prize for the contest is a trip for two to Belgium, with 200 second prizes of Affligem pouring trays and glassware. I already entered, and you should too.

To enter, you will need to watch a short video and answer one or two VERY simple questions. The video shows you how Affligem serves their beers, with the final yeast portion poured and served separately. Check their professional video out then check mine to see how my ONE-TAKE, no-edit, no-budget version compares. Be sure to leave a comment. Yeah, you're right. They should totally hire me. I don't have the cool accent but I make up for it with my charm!


You didn't think I was just gonna make a video and not review the product, right? The 330mL bottle has a very simple label on the front, showing a Shield for the Abbey. The back label tells a long story in microscopic type. Luckily for you, I am an excellent photographer and captured that if you'd like to read it below (click to enlarge). Basically, this brewery was founded in 1074 and is the oldest in Flanders. They have developed this beer to become one of the "Burgundies of Belgium" meaning a rich and flavorful beer. The side label also suggests you avoid the yeast unless you prefer a "nuttier" flavor. Serve at cellar temperature 44-48°F.

Nice fruity aroma. Flavors of pears and apples and peaches, really pleasant fruit flavors in the beginning and throughout. Despite following the Affligem Pouring Ritual and serving the yeast separately, this beer had a definite Belgian yeast quality. Nice spicy cloves, too. Carbonation was strong, offering a creamy yet prickly mouth feel simultaneously. Some honey nuances started to show as the beer warmed slightly. The finish is very dry with a pleasant aftertaste. Really a tasty, excellent beer. 

Oh, and I did drink the yeast 10% separately. That sample was fruity yet much more tart with a thicker texture. And it was certainly yeastier! I liked the tray and I liked the beer. Check them out and be sure to enter the contest.

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