Monday, December 10, 2012

Budweiser Project Twelve Batch No. 91406

The final beer to try in the Budweiser Project Twelve trilogy is Batch No. 91406. I first tried their bourbon-aged light amber lager 23185 followed by their pilsner 63118. This "deep amber lager" is the creation of Brewmaster Bryan Sullivan of Bud's Los Angeles factory. 6.0% alcohol.

Heavy caramel aroma with a hint of toast and a definite sweet edge. Caramel and a light nutty flavor dominate pretty much the entire experience. This beer definitely has THAT flavor, distinctly Budweiser. I'm not saying that in a condescending way, but the sanctimony may come later. We'll see.

A little buttery and some wood (the label does say this was finished on beechwood chips). Definitely too sweet from start to finish with not a hop to be found. Carbonation is good, body medium. Decent despite its sweet tooth. It's a close call, but I'd say this is the best of the three in this Project Twelve experiment.

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