Saturday, December 1, 2012

Inaugural Quad Day: December 2, 2012

After being such a huge proponent of #IPADay and #StoutDay, I thought I'd create my own Beer Day. Because we all know that beer drinking needs some love and someone to crack a whip to make it all happen.

I picked the Belgian Quad as the focus of the newest and greatest holiday this side of Christmas, and it was no mistake that December 2 will be the annual celebration of this glorious day (it's my birthday too). Now I realize that there are some body builders that may mistake Quad Day for something it's not. Same thing with fans of Syracuse's Qadry Ismail (yeah, if you say it fast, sounds similar). And Cornell U and other universities have Quads too. But make no mistake this is a fake beer holiday and nothing else.

Anyway, this day is about you. I know you'll all run out and grab a Belgian (or Belgian-style) Quad, rush home and Tweet and Instagram about it all. It'll be like every other Sunday home alone with the kids outside and your spouse shopping. Except this has a purpose. Long Live The Quad!

It actually takes ginormous balls to brew a Quad. Anyone can do an OK Stout and an OK IPA, but if you brew a Quad and stick with it through production year after year, you are making a good product. A shitty Quad wont sell and is super-expensive to just be an ego act.

So... I hope you grabbed a Quad. Total Wine and other retailers are open on Sunday so you have all day, if not. Please comment your #QuadDay story activities here. Add links to photos, hell, even send me your photo to and I'll include them here. Feel free to buy me a birthday present too.

Quad Day starts in a few hours! (Disclaimer: feel free to drink Quads any other day and if you don't comment or even drink a Quad on Quad Day, you're not a bad person and don't dislike Quads, unless you just don't like the style).

Quad Day Photos:


Beer Drinker Rob said...

OK. I guess I'll go first. I took the picture above around 9:30 this morning, too early to drink (today). After having an awesome birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory, I came home, cracked open the beer, took a few pictures and started drinking.

Three Philosophers Belgian Style Quad 2012 has a new label versus previous editions. This label shows silhouettes of the three philosophers drinking their beers, a more sophisticated look for sure. On the sides are two stories, one talking more about brewer Ommegang in general with the other describing how this beer defines the Belgian motto "Strength in Union". The stories are extremely difficult to read due to the small font and the olive writing on top of graphite colored background.

Cherries, raisins and apples in the aroma, sweet and tart. Caramel and a touch of alcohol are also noticeable. Raisins and a hint of cherry flavors start things off. Belgian yeast is also quite prominent and brings out the apple flavors more. Caramel base infused with brown sugar and a light cinnamon spice. Some of the 9.7% alcohol shows through at the end.

Well carbonated, tart and creamy, flavorful and rich. What I'm saying is that this beer made #QuadDay a total success!

Red Hunt said...

Love it, haha...Quads are intense beers, among my favourites. I'm in Ecuador right now - far from any Quads, so I'll join in the fun next year!

Tom Bedell said...

What the heck, I'll go along with #QuadDay since I happened to have this one sitting in the cellar:

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, you're not very likely to encounter any Quads in Ecuador. Actually, you should take some cool beers w you when you visit the crappy beer areas of the world and see what kind of celebrity you bring to yourself.

Thanks for commenting. Next #QuadDay for sure.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Nice, Tom. I couldn't click on the link from the comment, so let's see if this works.

Anyway, it might be time for a replication of those Old School Bud Bowls. Ommegang Three Philosophers v Ovila Quad. NY v CA. In the first quarter, I think the cherry Kriek confuses the Ovila and Ommegang goes ahead by a few TD's. Stay tuned for remaining game updates, LOL.

Thanks for playing along. Happy #QuadDay

Allen Huerta said...

Hey, What a coincidence that we had the same beer for Quad Day! I was looking for something that would make today special and that I never had before. I mean sure, I could have pulled out an old favorite, but on the day created for celebrating those who dared to push the limits, lets find some new ones. I wish I could have celebrated all day long but with work and everything else enjoying Three Philosophers with dinner made the day that much better. I really like, (and agree with), your review of this and may be writing up some detailed notes of my own soon.

Cheers! #QuadDay

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Excellent! I don't think it's such a coincidence. Three Philosophers is one of the best Quads out there. It's also readily available. And there are not hundreds of options to choose from.

Be sure not to drink another Quad until next December 2 though. You wouldn't want to be caught drinking beer without a scheduled "holiday" or suffer the consequences.

Thanks for participating in this inaugural important beer holiday.

Also, thanks for telling that DING dude to just deal!