Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sága India Pale Ale

"Our Condolences to the Smelling Impaired." That's how Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota introduces their newest beer: Sága India Pale Ale. I probably would have just passed it over as well if it had not been recommended as "the best single IPA" we carry by one of the local distributor reps. I was sold!

I was not sure exactly what the old-time sketch in the background is depicting considering the enormous Summit logo covering it, but there is clearly some tension between the old bearded man and the woman holding the beer. That's when I noticed that the 6-pack packaging actually has a clear vision of the sketch and some text to go with it. This is the goddess Saga and the god Odin "merrily" drinking. OK, merrily, whatever. She's telling him to cut the macho bullshit if you ask me! LOL. Check the beer stats there too.

Tangerine tropical with some spicy citrus aroma. Excellent. Oh, wow. Great juicy fruit flavors to start. Citrus, spicy hoppy, black peppery. Some bitter orange rind meets sweeter tropical tangerines and peaches. Absolutely fabulous! Carbonation is great, and this is quite a refreshing beer. Nice fruity bitterness lasts in the finish and aftertaste. I highly recommend this beer and will get myself more when I go back to the liquor store!

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