Saturday, April 13, 2013

DAB Dortmunder Export

Another beer Ed Roberts pulled out of the back of his Ferrari. I don't ask where they come from, just quietly accept them. In this case I'm talking about DAB Dortmunder Export, a "premium draft-quality beer" brewed by Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei in Dortmund, Germany. Seit 1868. This one came in a 16.9 oz can, so the brewery did the logical thing and gave a written lesson on why cans are better.

Grainy and grassy aroma with a little hoppy spiciness. Rich grain and buttered bread flavors get you going, on the sweet end of things. Speaking of butter, that kind of describes the texture of the beer as well. There is some hoppy relief to the sweetness, though in the end it's just a tad too sweet. The finish leaves a funny aftertaste that is just a little off. Your 5% alcohol is not a factor.

Simple, refreshing enough, very forgettable and I probably would not buy it or look around for it.

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