Monday, October 14, 2013

Goose Island 25th Anniversary Ale

I've had this bottle of Goose Island 25th Anniversary Ale in the fridge for a few weeks now. Goose Island apparently turned 25 back on May 13, 2013 (born 1988, for those with limited subtraction skills) and subsequently bottled this Extra Special Bitter on May 29 to celebrate. It took a while to get this beer here since Goose Island is a relatively new brewery to South Florida. The label depicts the brewery's classic goose in black and white. Serve in a nonic pint glass, which I complied with!

Nice orange citrus bitterness to start with an aggressive floral character. Light caramel and herbal sweet balance. Dry finish and can taste the 6.4% alcohol. Very simple, lacking complexity. Decent but easily forgettable. 

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