Monday, December 2, 2013

False Summit

I traded for today's beer many months ago in anticipation of today's Second Annual #QuadDay. Yes, December 2 every year, since it's easy for me to remember my own birthday. I decided that False Summit, a bourbon-barrel aged Quadrupel brewed by Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs, Colorado would be the lead Quad this year.

Seriously, though, before you get too much into another "beer holiday," keep in mind that this one was invented to basically mock the other "corporate" type evangelistic ones. Just so you know, I don't really give a shit if you drink a Quad or any beer. I don't care if you post pictures or use the hash tag. Drink whatever you want. If you want, go ahead and curse at me in the comments. There will be no fanfare or prizes or badges (at least none I worked on setting up). There are no clubs. Let's just drink some delicious beer!

False Summit is part of the Brewery's Double Black Series, named after the double black diamonds used to mark ridiculously difficult ski slopes. "False Summit is a beer to drink while mapping out your next adventure, and it should help motivate you to always keep moving to the top." Funny how the full wine bottle is killing my motivation, but I'll probably be good again in the morning. Bottle #00077. 11.1% alcohol. 30 IBU.

Rich raisins, caramel and touches of honey come to the nose first. Candi sugar is also noticeable along with just enough bourbon character to know this beer has been in those barrels.

Sweet caramel flavors plus lots of dark fruity intricacies: raisins, prunes, cherries. Creamy smooth and silky texture. Candi sugar and maple syrup sweetness really pile on to an already sweet opening. Luckily, the big alcohol component was not only noticeable, but it also helped take some of the sweet edge off while bringing out some additional flavor nuances. There is also a light spiciness that prevails as well. Good body, not syrupy at all.

The sweetness takes some getting used to, no doubt. I probably could have used a bigger hops infusion or perhaps a little less of the candi sugar addition to start with. That being said, I finished the whole bottle, with the last sips still delicious at almost room temperature. This was quite the flavorful beer. Very enjoyable with each component complementing the others. I'd suggest sharing with a friend or two when you go find a bottle for yourself.

Anyway, Happy #QuadDay !


FloriBrew said...

Happy Birthday errrr Quad Day!

theschmooz said...

I drank four quality beers but had I known it was your birthday, I would have had five...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Dude, that is Quad enough for me. Stupid Beer Holidays!