Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast Stout

Only the oldest of readers will remember when Beer Pancakes reviewed Founders Breakfast Stout around four years ago. This past month, I had my first opportunity to taste the beer as the brewery finally started distributing it down here in Florida. Talk about hype! Jeez. I grabbed a 6 pack and have been working my way through them for the past few weeks. Even my wife likes it! This bottle is my last though, so I figured I needed to do the review, despite the zillions that are already out there.

The label depicts a toddler eating oatmeal for breakfast out of his Founders bowl. Using a child to sell beer has caused the brewery some headaches but whatever. Personally, I have dozens of other things bothering me more. 60 IBU. 8.3% alcohol.

Rich, decadent chocolate aroma with some coffee and a little smoke. Wow, talk about reversal in the flavors! The coffee is mega-dominant while some cocoa just lingers in the background. There is also some charred, burnt malt and some savory flavors that persist. This beer is not sweet in the slightest; in fact, I wish it had more sweetness to counter the burnt and bitter flavors.

Great texture, smooth and creamy. The finish is dry and tangy and that bitterness lingers long after the sip is finished. Very good beer.


Vinny said...

One of my favorites. The KBS and the CBS are even better.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Vinny. No doubt about it. Can't wait to try the other two!