Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anchor IPA

For all the years that Anchor Brewing has been around, you might be surprised that this Anchor IPA is a new beer for them. The label has an illustration of an elephant wearing an anchor-decorated carpet. There is a story around the neck label that explains the art. A 19th Century metaphor, "Seeing the Elephant" was used to describe those that went west seeking fortunes from the Gold Rush. Around that same time, IPAs were being imported to quench the thirst of these adventurers. There is also an elephant on the inside of the cap. 6.5% alcohol.

Bright, floral, tangerine aroma with hints of bread dough and pine. Very malty to start, bready and doughy, though that aspect was extremely short-lived. An abrupt wave of grass and flower petals turned the tides completely. Huge herbal tea flavors and a rather unpleasant streak of lemon and alcohol added to a beer that was already all over the place.

The finish left a strange aftertaste that didn't go away. Dry, astringent, weirdly bitter. I didn't like it or finish it.

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Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

The Orioles baseball team took us sales reps and wives to San Francisco in late 1987. We were drinking Anchor Steams that day on the top of Mark Hotel. Loved it. Of course I tried this one. Hey it's not bad. It's pleasant enough but not an award winner.