Friday, December 19, 2014

Divided Sky Rye IPA

After being blown away by 4 Hands Brewing's Resurrected IPA, I figured that their Divided Sky Rye IPA should be next. I love me a good Rye IPA too! The can art on this beer depicts an enormous tree with a huge root system with all its branches blowing against a mighty wind. A little Avatar-Tree-Of-Life-ish. Pair with blue cheese or spicy food. 6.5% alcohol.

Nice Aroma. Fruity sweet orange and apple with plenty of spicy rye. That apple flavor continues, and you will not miss the pine and spicy rye. After a few sips, I was missing a little sweet balance, though some caramel flavors do show as the beer warms a bit.

The finish shows some alcohol. And the aftertaste is a bit medicinal. I could have used a little more sweetness and a little more carbonation. Not bad but there are several rye beers that I love. And I'd pick up Resurrected IPA all day over this one.

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