Thursday, January 1, 2015

4 Hands Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout

Along with their newly canned beers, 4 Hands Brewing sent along a bomber of their Chocolate Milk Stout for me to check out! Nice label depicting a big-eared cow wearing an old milkman's cap. There is a little story on the side to set your expectations and they suggest you pair this with chocolate and/or grilled beef. Bottled on 10/29/14. 5.5% alcohol.

Cocoa, caramel and roasty aroma, smells nice but you really gotta work for it! Chocolate flavors are prominent, quite creamy and milky. Pretty much what I expected, and don't get me wrong, the flavors were good. But my wife pretty much summed up the beer on her first sip before returning to the rest of Big Eddy's Cherry Doppelschwarz still left in an earlier glass. "Good but doesn't taste like beer. Like an alcoholic chocolate milk."

Nice chocolate, very simple. Vanilla hints show through. A little thin. But the flavors were good and I had no problem finishing all 22 ounces minus that one aforementioned sip!

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