Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brew Hub Craft Collection: Keybilly Island Ale, Pool Hop All Season IPA and Diver Down Imperial Red Ale

Besides brewing those beers for GolfBeer Brewing Co, Lakeland, Florida's Brew Hub has a few of their own beers. I had the chance to check out three cans from their Craft Collection: Keybilly Island Ale, Pool Hop All Season IPA, and Diver Down Imperial Red Ale.

Keybilly Island Ale is an ale brewed with Key Lime juice, "perfect for the beach, the boat, and the bar." The story to the side lets you know this is an amber ale brewed with key lime juice, a beer that we should prepare to be transported to Key West upon drinking. "Florida Keys Style Beer!" 5.4% alcohol.

Faint Key Lime aroma. Grain, good bitterness, light citrus. Key Lime, I suppose, though I was expecting WAY more. Nice tangy flavor persists throughout and lingers after each sip. Not bad.

Pool Hop All Season IPA for those days you want a hoppy beer "you can enjoy all day poolside..." Looks like this is their version of a session ale, coming in at 4.5% alcohol.

Orange and grapefruity citrus aroma, nice but not very big. The flavors are full of citrus bitterness and immediately noticeable spiciness. Quite fruity, lots of orange and generic citrus. Big and flavorful for a session beer. Finishes with a lingering fruity flavor on your palate. Very clean. A winner!

Diver Down Imperial Red Ale. The can has a Divers' Flag and a Diver on the front, while telling a little story on the side. This beer is supposed to be "The Perfect Reward after a full day of work or play." 8.0% alcohol.

Caramel aroma. Caramel and toffee flavor, rich and malty. And as they suggest on the can, there is definitely some hoppy relief and a kick at the end to balance that initial sweetness. Light alcohol at the finish helps cleanse the palate. Simple but flavorful.

Pool Hop was the best of the three with Diver Down a close second. And all three of these kick GolfBeer's ass!

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