Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blackberry Barley Wine Ale

Today I'm checking out New Belgium Brewing's first venture into brewing a Barleywine, at least one they put out for sale. That would be their Lips of Faith Series Blackberry Barley Wine Ale, an English-style Barleywine brewed with blackberries.

I was going to say the purple jacket/scarf combination on the label was a leisure suit, but the story to the side explains this is a silk ascot you should be wearing while sipping this beer. The art on the back shows a comfy chair to sit and relax in front of the blazing fireplace. Perhaps, The Ladies' Man might come to mind. 10% alcohol. "Delicious Now, Differently Delicious Later"

Pinkish-red in color. Fruity aroma, definitely berries but kind of weak and a little disappointing. The flavors, however, are in stark contrast! Tons of toffee, super sweet and a syrupy consistency. Sugary and maybe a hint of tartness, with lots of simple red wine character (not tannic at all).

Oak, a little vanilla. Fruity and very much full of berries, mostly at the finish. Alcohol is not hot and almost hidden. Unfortunately, despite many good flavors, the beer gets killed by its ridiculous sweetness. I didn't finish the bottle, not even close.

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