Friday, April 15, 2016

Mosaic Promise

I decided to check out Founders Mosaic Promise today. This is a single hop (Mosaic) and single malt (Golden Promise) beer brewed to benefit Grand Rapids' annual art ArtPrize competition. Not sure who the hot Goddess carrying the hops and grain is on the label, but I like her! 5.5% alcohol. 50 IBUs. Bottled On 02/29/16

Beautiful tropical pineapple aroma. Fruity tropical sweet flavors come first followed by some nice orange tanginess. A nice little bitter citrus and piney bit answers with some balance. There is also a distinct grainy flavor that stands out too!

Light lemon and grapefruit astringency build after a while. Wanted more fruity sweetness. Good but not awesome! Single hops and single malts are overrated in general, and not just beer! GO with the HATE!

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