Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fat Tire & Friends: Fat Funk Ale

So Allagash used to distribute to South Florida. I hate premature pull-outs! Anyway, New Belgium collaborated with them for one of their Fat Tire and Friends beers: Fat Funk Ale. The collaboration beer showcases De Dolle House Belgian Yeast and Brettanomyces to "bring the funk." 5.6% alcohol.

Lightly fruity, yeasty and spicy aroma. Very fruity flavors in the beginning, mainly pears and soft tangerines. Spicy cloves, herbal flavors come next along with a funky yeasty twang that persists.

Finish is spicy with some lingering funk. For me, this is the kind of beer that usually makes me think "meh" in the beginning but grows on you after half the bottle. This wasn't an exception to that but in the end, wasn't a favorite of the series.


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