Friday, August 5, 2016

Flower Child India Pale Ale

Hops that will resonate "like that glorious guitar solo from your favorite concert ever?" Hell yeah, let's give Cambridge Brewing's Flower Child India Pale Ale (and peace) a chance! The story on the back of the can lets you know what to expect from the beer and a little insight into the brewery itself. Best By 10/15/16. 6.5% alcohol.

Nice aroma, full of bright tangerine citrus and a light dose of pine. Big grapefruit citrus and an accompanying hefty dose of bitterness come with the first sip and pretty much every sip, though you will get used to it a little.

Light pine, floral, a little spicy and very dry. Fresh and bursting with hoppy goodness. Any malty balance was subtle at best. This is an IPA drinker's IPA and you better love the bitterness to come!

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