Monday, December 5, 2016

Anchor Christmas Ale 2016

Surprise! Anchor Brewing created another Christmas Ale this year, 42nd year in a row with a different recipe. And another beautiful label, this year depicting the 1000 Mile Tree, Pinus solitarius. Atop the tree this year, look closely, is a person sipping on a mug of beer. I thought you also might enjoy the labels from each of the years, super cool! 6.5% alcohol. Under the cap: To Niels SKAL!

Caramel and fruit aroma, a little nutty as well. Dark fruit flavors, smoky, caramel and cherries, some roast and decent bitterness. Spicy, hints of tobacco. A sourish cherry lingers at the finish. Style guess for me was Old Ale, but since Anchor lists everything "Top Secret" perhaps "Winter Warmer" is the place to leave this.


T.R. said...
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T.R. said...

Actually, what appears to be a person at the top of the tree can be found in a historical photo of the original tree. Anchor embellished a little with the branches, but a cool story for a tree homaging beer. 👍