Saturday, May 19, 2018

Super Bock

I went to a party probably a few months ago now. It was at a wine bar in Miami so when I saw a beer option other than the blech that is Heineken, I jumped on it! Super Bock, really? Is this a rebranded Bud joke here in Miami? NOPE!

Super Bock is actually an imported brand from Unicer S.A. Leca Do Balio out of Portugal. 11.2 oz bottles, 5.2% alcohol. Pretty strange find right? Not sure why importing pretty simple beers with enormous competition at great expense is a good idea, but perhaps this beer is freaking money!

As one of my wife's friends continued to hit on me (and others) the entire night, even in front of my wife, I calmly chilled with my Super Bock! Very simple beer, a little malty and with decent enough flavor to continue drinking them. Obviously I was also sneaking shots of whisky from my flask but in a pinch, Super Bock fucking rocks! Or is super or whatever.

1 comment:

Rod said...

Been to Portugal many times. Super Bock is neither "super" nor "bock."

But it's not a bad beer at all :-)