Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sparkleberry Raspberry Belgian-Style Ale

This week I grabbed a pounder can of Bell's Sparkleberry Raspberry Belgian-Style Ale. This is a Tripel brewed with raspberries that clocks in 9.0% alcohol. Canned 051818 Drink 070718

Nice reddish-pink color. Full nose of raspberries, sweet and tart and prominent. Nicely tart flavors full of raspberries right from the start. Some Belgian yeast and spicy character does show but the raspberries are the main flavor, hard to really find the underlying tripel. But you will know it has some alcohol in it!

I thought it was OK. The raspberry flavor was good, genuine, but I have to agree with my wife when she took one sip and in her always honest opinion said "it tastes like medicine!" Maybe this style wasn't the one to pair with a fruit. The beer did win a GABF medal a few years ago so check it out and make up your own mind.

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